Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you visited the Wellness Centre today?

This weekend we had the privilege that one of our friends blessed us with a breakaway at a wonderful hotel at Knysna. We were spoiled in every way possible! Me and my three sons could not wait to hit the beach, the swimming pool and the adventure waterwold. But my wife looked forward to the “Wellness Centre”.

It sounded so wonderful, I could really understand that my wife were looking forward towards her visit to the Wellness Centre. There were just a few things that I could not understand. They are as follow:

1. What would make their Wellness Centre better than the two we have at home?
2. The card reads: There is a place within this Hotel where you can unwind body and mind and rediscover wellbeing. The kinds un-winded bodily so it was very difficult to unwind my mind. I discovered that at least one of my kids was a skunk in a previous life. I could only rediscover wellbeing after I left the Wellness Centre to breath again.
3. The card further reads: “A tranquil space where you can experience a therapeutic blend of energising therapies in a atmosphere of soft lighting and soothing music.” I could not understand my wife’s longing to visit the Wellness Centre because at home it is my (only) place of tranquillity. And in my experience it is usually men who frequent the Wellness Centre’s at home, not for the therapeutic blend they experience. Nor for the atmosphere or soft lighting. I will say nothing about the soothing music… Usually when men use the Wellness Centre it is to keep their sanity. Little thinking, quite, peace hiding from the family and maybe reading the paper. And in my house praying for my friends.
Thus my conclusion is that we as men are much more cultured than we thought. Have you visited the Wellness Centre today?


  1. Myself nou net nat gelag en amper self my eie Wellness Centre benodig. Dankie

  2. Sometimes I sits and thinks,
    and sometimes I just sits ...