Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knowing when you are truly grown up

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As a committed academic, theologian and pastor I find myself jumping up and down on the rugby field nearly every Saturday, laughing taking photos and cheering as the Stormers gives us hope for the season. Then suddenly I realise that I am nothing more than a child laughing wildly at another grown up who is mocking his opponent as he is diving over the try line and I wonder if this childish joy bring a smile to God’s face. I truly think so!

The next morning when the same academic, theologian and pastor gets on to the pulpit this childish joy evaporate and suddenly I am so busy with this serious task of talking about God. I wonder if God is still smiling. How much of His joy is visible inside the church? Do you experience the church as a community and place of joy?

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  1. Well my friend that is a question which need a very long thought....