Thursday, May 27, 2010

Does God Care about Sports? If the WP win or the Bulls loose

My reaction is based on the following artickel that was written by Scot McNight
Thursday May 27, 2010
This one actually emerges from one's theological orientation, but there's a very good set of questions and observations at, and in our sports-shaped world today, a good conversation awaits us:

Baseball players point to the heavens after hitting home runs; NFL players pray in the end zone after scoring. Competitors routinely thank Jesus, along with their sponsors, in post-game interviews.

Thanking God from the winner's circle has become so common that one British newspaper published a letter to the editor entitled: "Leave me out of your petty games --Love, God."

The British letter raised a question: Does God care who wins on game day? And, if so, do losers somehow have less faith?

My Opinion

I think that God created people to be fully human. Therefore I think that sport is a part of who we are. We were created to glorify God in everything we do. Our ability to do sport and ENJOY it is grace. Sometimes we take what is beautiful and make something horrible with it. I have a problem with all the money and status, but I love sport. I think God rejoice in His creation, especially when we are having fun. Laughing, shouting, joking with one another. 
Do I believe God is tipping the scales in the favour of the the team with the most faith, or best prayer life. No I think God sits back and enjoy the contest. I think He also enjoys when players give credit to Him for their ability.
On a more serious note I think that God probably like the WP the best because He gave us the Cape, the mountains, the sea, the wine and all the nice supporters.
Enjoy your sport and honour God through it!

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