Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stormers vs Crusaders Photo story

A photo story look at last years game between the Stormers and the Crusadares!
The day started surprisingly when the Crusaders coach said that even if the Stormers stood on their heads they would not win this match. This was taken literally by some Stormer players. All the intellectuals (the forwards) immediately stood on their heads and proofed him wrong!

The next surprise came when it became apparent that DeJong was asked to do the kicking. He started with his kicking routine and when he took aim the poles 48000 people at Newlands watched in unbelief.

Although the kick was good it was decided that it would be better if Peter Grant did the kicking.

Conversions: Peter Grant (2). Penalties: Peter Grant (8).
Brian Habanna went for a new look but was chased of the field by gangsters who claimed that they have rights on this look and he may not use this look until he is willing to join the gang.

Richie McCaw also went for a new look.

But this led to being yellow Carded by the Ref. He said this look is faul play, and that he could not stand it for one more moment.

Then Jaque Fourie scored two tries using his new look. Breaking through players and planting the ball behind the poles.
He went for the “bullfrog” look and left defenders crying.

He couldn’t believe his luck that his new facial expression is so effective.

The Stormers won 42-14

The 2011 photo story will be published shortly.


  1. Very funny, as rugby rerig so snaaks was sou ek dit nogal kon kyk