Sunday, July 4, 2010

MIRROR OF MY SOUL – Danette Barnard

Hark… Who goes there? Is there someone lurking in the dark? Is there someone hiding in the dark, secret places of my soul? I look into the mirror, what will I see? No, no, it cannot be, for these obscured places are sacred to only me. There I buried pain, sorrow, guilt, shame. These places will not be known to thee, because these places are a secret, kept by only me.
Are these places sacred or are they in fact cursed, for I keep on coming back, coming back to the occupants who have during the years become more than mere old friends, no, they have become part of my tormented soul.
Please, don’t come near. In these dark places my vulnerabilities are exposed to what they really are: reflections of my own imperfections. Please do not enter this battlefield for the battle fought is bloody and fierce. On this battlefield there can but be only one, only me. Here the truth lies stark naked, no hiding behind intellectual wordplay, saving the world, comforting the poor. Here my intentions are weighed against the truth. Who am I, am I really me?
I look in the mirror, what do I see? I see the reflection of only me.

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