Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What is happening in your story?

I have been reading “Million miles in a Thousand years” by Donald Miller and it got me thinking? In his book he tells the story how one of his earlier books was made into a movie. The book was about his life. When they started the movie script he was confronted with the question: “How many memorable stories did he have?” The type of story that people would sit and watch. If they have to make a movie about my or your life would it be a slow moving movie or would their be scenes where people would actually want to sit and watch. One of the perquisites is that it must be something worthwhile, funny, adventures or painful. A really good story has something of everything.

I have realised that really good stories seldom just happen, you have to dream, you have to go out there and make them happen. If you settle for an ordinary life you will be rewarded with a boring life. If you go for daring you would be ALIFE. What are the things holding us back? Spending to much time doing nothing, having no goals, only taking on things that we know are in our reach. If I look back at my life it is filled with wonderful adventures. I did my special forces training, did my doctoral, lived and worked on the streets for 2 and a half years. Got married and went through a painful divorce. Got married again and have a wonderful family. I am blessed in the ministry that I really enjoy. Got my provincial colours in rugby and pool. Did a epic tour through Africa with my three sons in the beginning of the year. Drove 3600km on bikes through South Africa. There are many things I did – what am I doing?
I dream about going to see the polar bears in the wild, about going into Africa with my camera and my family. Teaching pastors in Angola. But to live this extraordinary life I have to make some changes to what people see as normal. I have to get of my but! Loose some weight, get fit and prioritise! This week I am going to sit with my family and dream about worthwhile stories. What are your dreams and what are you going to do about it?
For inspiration read the book by Donald Miller but choose your story otherwise you will end up wasting a good story.

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  1. Funny you should write about this now. Just read the book "The monk who sold his Ferrari". Said much the same.